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Merchandising displays VVF 1200The right equipment to keep fresh at your salads, fresh sandwiches, yoghurts, desserts, beverage… The ventilated refrigerated group is warranting an inside temperature of +4 +10° C (in case of 29° C ambience) and an automatic defrosting system thanks to an electric thermostat.

Easy cleaning: interior upper shelf, bottom trays, rear sliding doors, lateral glasses and the curved glass are completely removable.
Equipment: electronic thermostat, on/off switch, temperature indicator, inside light. Refrigerating gas R 134 a without CFC. High quality Danfoss and U.H. components. Delivered without any tray.
Capacity: 3 x GN 1/1 (VVF 1200) with height of 100 mm and 1 tray 400x600 mm.
Power: 430 w
Outside dimensions: 1200 x 730 x 600 mm
Weight: 79 Kg
Volts: 230 V
Capacity: 3 x GN 1/1 & 400 x 600 mm

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