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fixed models VF 350Entirely panoramic and metallic with roof lighting, these display cabinets are equipped with a roof lighting for a perfect presentation of your products.

The ventilated refrigeration system ensures an even temperature between +2 and +10°C for ideal storage of your foodstuffs.

Features: double-glazed walls for perfect insulation, electronic thermostat control, automatic de-frost, mounted on rollers, magnetic door closing.
4 colours: stainless steel, gold, white or brown.
VF 350 & VF 550: fixed models come with 4 (350 l.) or 5 (550 l.) shelves.
Power: 500 w
Outside dimensions: 700 x 700 x 1400 mm
Weight: 125 kg
Volts: 230 v

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Salamander toaster TS 3270Unique in the world, this real toaster salamander with 2 levels and 3 quartz tubes levels contains 2x trays GN 1/1 to defrost, brown, glaze, grill, or toast in quantity your quiche, sandwiches with cheese, pizza, toasts… with no preheating, smoke or odours.

For fast service, the top part of the salamander is closed and fitted with a tray with handles. The back panel is easy to take off making easier any technical intervention. Independent selection of 3 sets of 3 infrared quartz tubes (total: 9 tubes).

Features: quartz tubes selector, a 15’ timer with a lock position for non stop use, pilot light and tray with handle. Delivered with protection grids for quartz tubes (patented). Delivered without any GN tray.
Power: 4 kw
Outside dimensions: 640 x 380 x 475 mm
Inside dimensions: 2x(510 x 320) mm
Output: 400 toasts/h
Weight: 18.5 Kg
Volts: 380 V

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Salamander and movable roof SGM 60Salamanders with a movable roof can be adjusted effortlessly to the nearest millimetre to suit your cooking requirements.

2 independent heating zones for cost-effective cooking adapted to your needs, half or full power. Removable inside plate.

SGM 60: gas model with 2 infrared burners and safety thermocouple.
Power: 5.3 kw
Outside dimensions: 600 x 510 x 550 mm
Weight: 49 kg
Volts: 380 v

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