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Panoramic rotisseries RBE 25This electric rotisserie RBE 25 with swings is fitted with armoured heating elements at the bottom and infrared quartz tubes at the top. The 5 swings can hold up to 25 pieces of meat (chicken, leg of lamb, game, roasts, etc.).

Easy cleaning: Inside parts (trays, shaft, reflectors, anti-wave plate) are entirely removable.
Features: halogen light, timer, thermostat, thermometer, pilot lights.

  • Set of 5 large-capacity spits (30 chickens) (ref. B1)
  • Spit for large pieces of meat (side of lamb, pork…) (ref. B2)
  • Mobile table stand with stand ( ref. TS 2)

Power: 8.5 kw
Outside dimensions: 850 x 700 x 940 mm
Weight: 93 kg
Volts: 380 v

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High capacity rotisseries RBG 20This range of high capacity rotisseries (20 or 30 chickens) has been developed in the aim of a simple and quick use:

  • for the cooking: new spits easy to use, no more forks or inserts, you just have to directly skewer the chickens, one after the other. Each heating area is individually adjustable to offer you a complete autonomy according to the quantity of chickens to roast.
  • for the maintenance: you can manually take off the back suspended panel (electric model), making easier the cleaning and any technical intervention.

RBG 20: Gas model fitted with 5 infrared ceramic burners with safety thermocouple, one on/off switch per motor, one mini /maxi regulation knob for each burner. Halogen light on top part (300W), safety glass doors, waterproof juice collector, pilot lights. Delivered in LPG with a set of NG injectors.

Power: 19 kw
Outside dimensions: 940 x 445 x 1250 mm
Weight: 72 kg
Volts: 380 v

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Download PDF

Lava rock grills 140 DElectric lava rock grill for natural, healthy, tasty and easytodigestgrills. Lava rock reacts in the same way as wood
embers,spreading the heat evenly across the cooking surface and absorbingthe fats. Alternate fish, meat, sausages, etc. without transmissionof taste or smell.

Easy cleaning: Lava rocks can be washed in thedishwasher.

Removable control-box and enamelled lava tray foreasy cleaning.

Features: temperature control with 10-settings, pilot lights.
140 D: Double cooking surface model with fire-guard.
Power: 2 x 2.5 kw
Outside dimensions: 590 x 500 x 305mm
Weight: 25 kg
Volts: 2 x 230 v

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