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  • Solstice Supreme high efficiency technology
  • Energy $$ savings—Lower gas usage
  • Lower flue temperatures
  • Gas company rebate $$ program eligible
  • High frying production capacity
  • Lower maintenance and repair cost
  • SCB Self Cleaning Burner (patent pending)
  • No complex power blower
  • No fragile ceramics to break
  • Common parts and front accessible
  • Simple, safe, flexible controls
  • Matchless ignition for simple easy lighting
  • DVI Drain Valve Interlock for safe operation
  • Solid State thermostat w/melt and boil out modes
  • Flexible options: Add digital or computer controls, or basket lifts at factory or in the field.


Flexible - pick your size, pick your lineup
Easy to Used - fast, simple two step oil filtration system


The FBG24x24 Fryer Flat Bottom Fryer

  • Modular design allows for mix and match of 24"” or 18"” fryers.
  • Available in 24"” or 18"” widths.
  • Footprint fits most existing store layouts.
  • Stainless steel front, door and sides - no paint.
  • Large 9"” casters for easy movement and cleanup.
  • Matchless ignition, lights once a day for less wear an tear on ignition components.
  • Evenly dispersed heating of the tank eliminating the need for fins baffles or blowers.


  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • No blower!
  • Full size or split

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