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Model: PG-12FS, PG-22-L & 2L, PG32, PG32-5HP

PG-12F   PG-22L
PG-12FS   PG-22L
PG-32   PG-32-5HP
PG-32   PG-32-5HP

Powerline Grinders have capacities ranging from 8 - 64 pounds per minute, and are built with a stainless steel cabinet and removable stainless steel platter. The mid-size grinders, model PG-12FS and PG-22-L, will handle grinding needs for almost any restaurant, meat market, or hotel.

The transmission is pre-lubricated, helicoidally gear driven, and designed for long life. The feed chute and grinding mechanism are constructed of tin plated cast iron, are integral, and removable without any tools for easy cleaning.

Model PG-22-L incorporates the larger feed chute of heavy duty PG32 grinder, and is also available with an optional 2HP motor (PG-22-2L); this combination allows for output of larger grinders at a more reasonable price.

Sanitation, ease of cleaning, and high output make the PG Series suitable for virtually any grinding job. Both models PG-12FS and PG-22-L are designed for countertop use.

These heavy-duty, industrial grinders will handle the demands of the high volume processing plant, supermarket, or factory. These grinders are all built with a heavy gauge stainless steel cabinet and removable steel platter.

These models incorporate an extra-large feed chute with safety guards, enabling the operator to maximize production.

Mode PG32 is designed for use on a countertop or equipment stand; Model PG32-5HP comes standard with an integral stand.

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