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Rinnai Gas Cooker RRA-155To offer various menus
- normal, cereals, porridges, etc.

Function of reservation
- up to 24 hours

Function to control steaming time
- being able to control by cooking menu and taste of customer

To perform the optimum rice cooking
- Performs the optimum rice cooking with automatically perceiving the amount of rice

Self-diagnosis function
- when out of normal condition it itself shows sign of abnormal.

Power cut recovery function
- within 7 minutes after electricity failure it automatically returns to rice cooking process

Its compact size makes it easy to use

Simple operation and clear looking digital functioning board

Durable materials and stainless exterior

Delicious taste of rice by high heating power

Short cooking time

  • Rotational Soup Kettle RSK-300U300 person capacity/ 110ℓ
  • High efficiency burner
  • Enamel-coating in kettle body
  • Aluminum kettle
  • Excellence in endurance
  • Easy cleaning with 360 degrees rotation available

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